Shared Accommodations

The below websites have been created for hosts and guests to connect, but remember to always be careful and put safety first. 

Follow the safety guidelines on these websites and posted by the local and federal governments.

For hosts in Spain and guests from the Ukraine, you may want to make sure that you register the stay somewhere in order to ensure safety on both sides. 

If you want to host or be hosted for at least six months, refer to this site.

Volunteers helping with this website match hosts and guest families.

This website requires identity verification, unlike the two below.

These sites allow publicly exposed data and there may be safer options when looking to host or be hosted. 

We have not yet verified this website.

The notes provided on the websites above have been verified by an IT security professional, but as websites are always being developed and evolving may not be always kept up to date. The information above is valid to the best of my knowledge as at 29 March 2022.

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Renting Accommodation

Spanish Urban Rental Law of 2019

Article 17.1, title II (Rental of Housing)

Determination of Income.

The rent shall be the one freely stipulated by the parties. Unless otherwise agreed, payment of the rent shall be monthly and shall be made within the first seven days of the month. In no case may the lessor require the advance payment of more than one month's rent.

1. The payment shall be made at the place and by the procedure agreed upon by the parties or, failing this, in cash and in the rented dwelling. 

2. The lessor is obliged to give the lessee a receipt of payment, unless it has been agreed that this is done through procedures that prove the effective fulfillment of the obligation of payment by the lessee. 

The receipt or document that replaces it must contain separately the amounts paid for the different concepts that make up the total payment and specifically, the rent in force.

Mandatory Deposit: 1 month
Maximum voluntary deposit that may be required by landlord: 2 months (can be provided in bank guarantee instead of cash)

Max total is 3 months